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Read more about things we love to do and places we like to visit in West Michigan. Our blog posts are written from first hand experiences of real things you can do when you live here.

If you’re currently in West Michigan loving life and would like to write a guest blog post, contact Rachel Bartels at bartelsr@hellowestmichigan.com.

Slow Winter Snow

It’s true. It’s cold here. And wet. And slippery. And sometimes a snowflake journeys thousands of feet from a cloud only to land right between your scarf and coat collar.  Winter is upon us. And by upon us, I mean that in every sense of the word. On our cars, on our heads, on the lake. And I am upon the snow, squeaking on my way to the bus stop, hoping I’ll make the 1:15. Half way there, I sink deeper into my scarf. Nothing can get me to increase my speed past a persistent plod. So far, we’ve had a bomb cyclone, a Polar Vortex, just plain cold, nose hair freezing cold, Christmas snow, predictions of April snow, in your boot snow, good snowman making snow, and fluffy snow. Each branch has its own coating of snow and so [...]

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Southern Roots

Growing up, “yes ma’am” and “no sir” were expected phrases when speaking to everyone, carbonated beverages were ALWAYS “soda”, and “y’all” was the only proper way to address a group of people. I was born and raised in Michigan, but the two biggest influences in my life were southerners. My parents grew up in the South: West Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, and Louisiana are a few places where they spent their youth. Work moved them around quite a bit after they got married, and that’s how they ended up in Michigan with my sisters and me. It’s always been interesting growing up in Michigan with southern roots. My friends would point out my parent’s accents, or ask me what they meant when they said something “tickled them”. I would use phrases like “y’all” and get a few giggles out [...]

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Discovering a Reason to Get Up Early

We often speak with people living in places like California, Arizona, and Florida that cite West Michigan's winter as the first objection to relocating to the area. But the truth is, every state has an "indoor" season. In Arizona, you spend the summer going from air conditioned house, to your (remote started) air conditioned car, to your air conditioned office. We may do the same thing in Michigan in the winter, but the difference is we can still go outside and enjoy the season. During the month of December, we'll be exploring West Michigan's "indoor" season and all of the things that make it great. If you recently relocated and this is your first winter in West Michigan, we hope it might become your favorite season of the year! I am not a morning person. Never have been. I'm also [...]

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A Midwest Cajun Palate

While I consider myself a West Michigan native, my parents certainly are not. They spent their childhoods and a good part of their young adult life down south in Louisiana. So, even though I may have grown up in the north, there was certainly a constant Southern influence in the house. The South is well known for its hospitality and it’s hard to be a great host without serving great food. Anyone who has gone to New Orleans knows, the food there is hard to beat. Cajun is full of flavor, culture, and is one of NOLA’s (local’s shorthand for “New Orleans, LA”) best offerings. Growing up, there was never a bland meal on the table at home, and local restaurants had some tough competition. There are few things my family values more than a good meal we can share together. At any celebration, special event, or time we are all together, we are either cooking a giant meal to share or trying a new restaurant. We are far from picky eaters, [...]

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Mel Trotter Ministries

As all of my friends went back home this summer, I found myself alone in a city I didn’t know and looking for something to do. I’ve always enjoyed volunteer work, and I thought it would be a great way to meet people and get involved in the community I would now be calling home. The first place I came across was Mel Trotter Ministries, a foreign name to me at the time. However, I am now aware of how well known they are in GR, and I am so glad to be a part of it. My first experience in the kitchen was chaotic, messy, and there was clearly a lot of learning ahead of me if I wanted to keep up, but I loved the atmosphere. The head chefs were fun and happy to have some extra hands, [...]

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Not in Kansas Anymore?

Growing up in West Michigan is quite the experience; you could get a completely different perspective from 10 people that grew up 30 minutes apart. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about growing up here is my small hometown, Stevensville, and the outdoors. Whether it be long walks, days on trails, the beach, or endless hours on a ball field: being outside in nature is a common theme when I look back at my childhood in a town that consisted of one blinking red light. Moving to Grand Rapids was quite the change of pace. This is as “big city” as I’ll probably ever get, but I love the city and the business buzz on the streets. Walking amongst office buildings and beautiful apartments to go to work or school is mind blowing compared [...]

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