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Hello West Michigan offers support to job seekers and their families as they explore possible relocation to West Michigan or after a recent relocation. By sharing a bit of information with us, we can assist you with the job search, share area resources, and connect you with the community.

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Lexie and Ian were two Michiganders who fell in love and ended up moving out to Hawaii together for three years. While they enjoyed the sun and sand there, when they came back to get married in Lansing, they saw they could have the same beauty a lot closer to family and friends.

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Cook Arts Center

This past school year, I had the opportunity to volunteer at Cook Arts Center for one of my Spanish courses. Cook Arts Center is a program of Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanities. I participated in their after-school program, helping with a ceramics class and drumming class. They have a variety of free arts programs, ranging from painting, to learning guitar, to Hispanic dance, to creating YouTube videos. The Grandville neighborhoods Cook Arts serves are majority [...]

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