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About Rachel Bartels

Rachel is the Program Manager for Hello West Michigan. She grew up on the east side of Michigan not knowing there was a difference between "east side" and "west side" ....until she moved here for college and experienced it for herself. You'll typically find Rachel at a community event during the week, or at the beach, picking blueberries, or cross county skiing on the weekends (although not all on the same weekend).

Discovering a Reason to Get Up Early

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We often speak with people living in places like California, Arizona, and Florida that cite West Michigan's winter as the first objection to relocating to the area. But the truth is, every state has an "indoor" season. In Arizona, you spend the summer going from air conditioned house, to your (remote started) air conditioned car, [...]

Essential Service Award


The Essential Service award seeks to recognize the important role of service workers in our community and the role they play in our economy. Without these people who faithfully fulfill necessary roles, our economy would suffer greatly. Award recipients will be recognized at a special Economic Club meeting in January and is sponsored by Michigan [...]