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Read more about things we love to do and places we like to visit in West Michigan. Our blog posts are written from first hand experiences of real things you can do when you live here.

If you’re currently in West Michigan loving life and would like to write a guest blog post, contact Rachel Bartels at bartelsr@hellowestmichigan.com.

Jennifer R.

Jennifer is a Chicago native who has been in the marketing communications field for more than 20 years. Previous roles included time with the Chicago Board of Trade and Office Max, however she was laid off at her previous job due to the recession. Following the downsizing, she was left with a question of where to take her talent and experience next. Jennifer’s husband, Pat, had just been promoted at his company to a position that allowed him to travel and cover territories including Michigan. Together they decided it was time for a location change. With his new position, Pat made frequent trips to Grand Rapids, and mentioned that he particularly liked the atmosphere of the area when looking at Michigan as a new place to live. As a potential new relocatee (versus a boomerang), Jennifer’s initial reaction to the idea [...]

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Mel Trotter Ministries

As all of my friends went back home this summer, I found myself alone in a city I didn’t know and looking for something to do. I’ve always enjoyed volunteer work, and I thought it would be a great way to meet people and get involved in the community I would now be calling home. The first place I came across was Mel Trotter Ministries, a foreign name to me at the time. However, I am now aware of how well known they are in GR, and I am so glad to be a part of it. My first experience in the kitchen was chaotic, messy, and there was clearly a lot of learning ahead of me if I wanted to keep up, but I loved the atmosphere. The head chefs were fun and happy to have some extra hands, [...]

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Not in Kansas Anymore?

Growing up in West Michigan is quite the experience; you could get a completely different perspective from 10 people that grew up 30 minutes apart. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about growing up here is my small hometown, Stevensville, and the outdoors. Whether it be long walks, days on trails, the beach, or endless hours on a ball field: being outside in nature is a common theme when I look back at my childhood in a town that consisted of one blinking red light. Moving to Grand Rapids was quite the change of pace. This is as “big city” as I’ll probably ever get, but I love the city and the business buzz on the streets. Walking amongst office buildings and beautiful apartments to go to work or school is mind blowing compared [...]

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Dancing Away Stress at Tuesday Night Swing

The first time I found myself at Tuesday Swing Dancing in Rosa Parks Circle was during the afterglow at West Michigan Intern Connect, a networking requirement of my summer internship; and the first experience hooked me. It was certainly nerve wracking to stand at the edge of Rosa Parks Circle, in the middle of downtown, surrounded by people, many of whom I work with, but it only took a mere thirty seconds before being invited to dance, with no worries about my lack of experience from my partner.   Meet Ben: my first, and very patient, swing dancing partner. He showed me the basic four steps to get me started, which were deceivingly simple. As soon as I was comfortable with that, the real fun began. My coworkers watched from the sidelines as I attempted to mimic Ben and the other dancers around me. Several times, Ben turned me or had me all twisted up [...]

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My New Breakfast Spot

Wolfgang’s. For many Grand Rapidians, a necessary pilgrimage. Among students, the restaurant enjoys mythical status as the place you can get a $4 early bird special, that is, if you can peel yourself out of bed in time. It’s common for little herds of Calvin students make the pilgrimage together, emerging from dormitories into the crisp Michigan mornings shuffling to their cars. There will be coffee soon enough and a plate of scrambled eggs with hash browns, or pancakes, or... A friend and I walked through the door. It’d been a while. As I found myself enveloped in warm light and wrapped up in the scent of hot chocolate, coffee, and pancakes, I knew we’d made the right choice. We sat down on the tall chairs at the bar and stared through the window into the kitchen, at the cooks [...]

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At the Blueberry Patch

Next to California, West Michigan boasts the second most diverse agricultural output of any place in the U.S. We get to enjoy the corn and pumpkins, soybeans, apples, and, most important to this blogger, blueberries. Late July is the season to pick, and with a girlfriend who’d never gotten the chance and a free Saturday afternoon to spend together, we set off into the countryside. The blueberry patch has always held a prized place in my memory.  My grandmother would take us cousins out and show us how to cup our hands beneath a cluster and work only the ripe ones off with our thumbs. I remembered the way a really big one would look, like a prize goose or a miniature doughnut, hanging just out of reach. It’d always fascinated me how you could leave marks, simply by pressing [...]

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