Originally from the East side of the state, Zach fell in love with the laid-back lifestyle of Grand Rapids after living downtown during a summer internship with Gordon Food Service (GFS). His summer spent on the West side and working at GFS exposed him to many new experiences and professional connections.

Zach was first introduced to Hello West Michigan at Intern Connect in 2018. He states, “I thought it was a good opportunity to learn about other companies in the area and interact with their interns.”

Zach signed up for our candidate newsletter to keep up-to-date on hot jobs and events in West Michigan. Shortly after Intern Connect, he was sent out in our Weekly Resume Pack and was hired as a Business Analyst at Meijer, a Hello West Michigan member company. After being hired at Meijer, Zach returned to Grand Rapids from Canton, MI. He couldn’t pass up the 30-minute drive to the beach and the relaxed lifestyle that ultimately kept him in West Michigan. Zach explains, “It has been a pretty big change going from living at home during college to moving across the state and being on my own, but I have enjoyed the challenges and growing as an individual.”

After beginning his new job, Zach says, “The new role is great! Everyone at Meijer is very nice and helpful with my transition into the role.” In his position, he spends most of his time ordering and allocating products and improving product flow to enhance in-stocks and sales.

During his spare time, Zach enjoys trying new restaurants and bars, watching hockey, and playing PlayStation with his friends.

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