Born and raised in Wyoming, Michigan, Nanda appreciates the diversity and growth that she’s seen in West Michigan throughout the years. Wyoming is the third largest community in West Michigan so it’s no wonder that Nanda loves to socialize and spend time with family and friends. She even had 16 bridesmaids stand up in her wedding!

She attended school at Western Michigan University and spent many years living in Kalamazoo. After completing her degree, she left Michigan and made the move to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Years later, she and her husband decided it was time to make a move to the Mitten State.

Before relocating, Nanda attended ReThink West Michigan to connect with local West Michigan employers and explore potential career opportunities in the state. After the event, she began applying to jobs online, landed an interview, and found a new position at Metro Health.

Since moving back, Nanda has had fun exploring the city with her husband, who is new to the area. “I like seeing how Grand Rapids has changed from when I was growing up,” she says. She said the region has become more diverse and that there is always so much going on throughout the weekend. The couple is looking forward to checking out hiking trails and new restaurants around the region.

Nanda has been staying busy by checking out local attractions and meeting new people through the service, SweatNet, which is a monthly subscription service that enables users to attend different workout events and classes throughout the city.

If you are looking for ways to meet new people and get connected like Nanda, check out our finding friends page for organizations that can help connect you with West Michigan locals.

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