Born and raised in West Michigan, Sarah is a true Michigan native. Sarah started her education at Kellogg Community College and continued to Western Michigan University to receive her bachelor’s degree in physics. After undergrad, she decided it was time to leave her home in West Michigan to attend Ohio State University where she would receive her master’s and Ph.D. in biophysics.

Although she uprooted and left to continue her education, Ohio couldn’t keep her away from the Mitten State forever. Sarah returned to her West Michigan roots to be near family and friends. She is now living in Grand Rapids with her husband and is working at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine as a Research Associate. Sarah had a smooth transition back with the help of her family and Hello West Michigan and is loving her job in the heart of Grand Rapids.

For Sarah, this move along with her new job signifies the first step in her transition from student to independent researcher. One of her favorite perks of her job is the window in her new office. Sarah says, “It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do for productivity!” Because her office is in the heart of the city, she has a great view of downtown GR to enjoy while focusing on clinical research. Sarah is grateful to have found a position that brought her back to her home making it easier to balance work and family.

Sarah’s favorite part about West Michigan is the state parks. She and her husband enjoy hiking and going to the beach for a relaxing day in the sun. In addition, Sarah likes to attend local festivals and participate in community events with family and friends.

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