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I am a 22 year-old Calvin College student, aspiring communicator, and a Hello West Michigan intern who is quickly learning that the place where I live is worth talking about. I’ve moved around a bit: first in central, eastern and northern Ohio (with a brief stint in Seattle), then reluctantly relocating to Ann Arbor, MI (long story), and finally finally leaving for college here in Grand Rapids. I am deeply inspired by the green of summer foliage, the crystal white of snow and ice, the yellow/orange/red of fall and the bright expanse of blue off our coast. Over the past two years, West Michigan has not stopped surprising me, and I am thrilled to get to introduce it to others’ life stories as I discover my own here.

Grand Rapids Startup Weekend


You can feel the energy when you’re close to electric people. I felt it a few weekends ago when I found myself in a room of entrepreneurs at Grand Rapids Startup Weekend. The event, which is put on by Techstars, a startup accelerator, and was sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs, invited anyone from the community [...]

Slow Winter Snow

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It’s true. It’s cold here. And wet. And slippery. And sometimes a snowflake journeys thousands of feet from a cloud only to land right between your scarf and coat collar.  Winter is upon us. And by upon us, I mean that in every sense of the word. On our cars, on our heads, on the [...]

My New Breakfast Spot

2017-09-19T10:06:02-04:00Blog, Blog Posts|

Wolfgang’s. For many Grand Rapidians, a necessary pilgrimage. Among students, the restaurant enjoys mythical status as the place you can get a $4 early bird special, that is, if you can peel yourself out of bed in time. It’s common for little herds of Calvin students make the pilgrimage together, emerging from dormitories into the [...]

At the Blueberry Patch

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Next to California, West Michigan boasts the second most diverse agricultural output of any place in the U.S. We get to enjoy the corn and pumpkins, soybeans, apples, and, most important to this blogger, blueberries. Late July is the season to pick, and with a girlfriend who’d never gotten the chance and a free Saturday [...]

Big Sky or Big Lake?

2017-09-19T10:06:02-04:00Blog Posts|

Like so many others in this day of Google maps, I have a mountain fascination. I envision taking my travel guitar, large hat, and vintage suitcase to a log cabin for a getaway with my friends. I want to snap a picture of high-altitude scene and find that perfect filter on Instagram. Maybe do some [...]