Workplace in West Michigan

Build Your Career in West Michigan

Silicon Valley. The Windy City. D.C. The Mile High City. These are the typical cities many think of when they think of economic opportunity and career prospects. But did you know West Michigan rivals many of these metropolitan areas when it comes to economic activity?

The West Michigan region is a national leader in

  • Manufacturing – Cities Leading Manufacturing Revival
  • Healthcare – Home of the Medical Square Mile
  • Agriculture – 2nd most diverse agricultural output in the nation

Additionally, West Michigan offers careers in IT, finance, supply chain, marketing, construction, HR, and engineering. Our region is

  • home to the headquarters of more than 80 global companies
  • the country’s 6th largest cluster of biopharmaceutical suppliers
  • global leader in environmental sustainability education and practices

No matter what stage of your career—intern, entry-level, seasoned professional, or ready for retirement—West Michigan is a great place to be.