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Although the winter months can be pretty in West Michigan, sometimes they can get a little long. Going outside always an option, but sometimes the layers and subsequent wet mittens can get exhausting. That’s why I am always looking for an indoor place where my kids are run around and expend all of their endless energy.

Catch Air is one of those places for my family. I have been a fan since my oldest was 1 and started walking. It is a giant indoor play yard with bouncy houses, slides, a light up dance floor, and lots of room to run around. It is my West Michigan winter haven!

If it is your first time to Catch Air, they will have you sign in and sign a waiver. You will then leave your shoes and belongings in the cubbies provided in the lobby. Once you are ready to enter the play area, an employee with stamp you and your children’s hands (with the same number) as a measure of security. When you leave, you will need to show the employee you and your child’s stamp to ensure that they match. Catch Air is suitable for children 12 and under and offers a separate area for the little ones that has padded rides, games, swings, and slides.

They have a concession stand that offers food and drinks and tables are scattered throughout to refuel the little ones, or you can just sit and relax while your children play around you. If you’re up to it, you can join your child on all the slides, bouncy houses, and large play castle. While my boys are exerting all their energy, I am also able to get in quite the workout!

Once every hour, the lights go dim, the music goes up and the bubble machine turns on for a dance party on their interactive light up dance floor! This happens once an hour for one song and is a great time for everyone! My boys love it!

My boys are 3 and 1 so I always go to Catch Air with another adult because my 1 year old likes to be in the toddler area and my 3-year-old likes to run all over. It’s easier with two adults, although I’m sure you would be fine with one.

Our favorite times to go are during the week or Sunday mornings (right when they open) when it is less busy. It does tend to get extremely busy during the weekend hours during the winter months!

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About the Author: Lindsey Balcazar

Lindsey is a mother of two and is currently a Business Development Specialist at Coldwell Banker. After growing up in West Michigan, Lindsey moved to Chicago but then decided that West Michigan was where she wanted to start a family. Now, she can’t imagine living anywhere else.