Joel R.

//Joel R.

Joel is originally from Pennsylvania, however attended Michigan State University. While at college he met his wife, whose family was originally from Michigan. After college the both of them moved back to Pennsylvania for two years before moving to South Carolina. Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia 30 minutes north in Washington’s Crossing, Joel was fond of the rolling hills and scenic views of this historic city. These beautiful sites and close sense of community would be the very things he knew he would miss in all of the places he lived.

After attending a family wedding in Grand Rapids, Joel and his wife revisited a conversation they jokingly had many times before, the possibility of them relocating back to Grand Rapids. The idea of relocating again seemed tasking, especially since they had only been in South Carolina for seven months and were in the middle of settling in to what they thought was home.

But, to Joel and his wife, Grand Rapids turned out to be a place that combined all of the aspects that they loved from each of the cities they lived in. Specifically, for Joel, the proximity to both a downtown area and the lakeshore were two of the many driving factors in Joel’s move back to Michigan, and the idea of being closer to family within a close community made it even more inciting for them to make the move.

When it came time to start looking for a job, Joel’s wife had a smoother transition being that she was a boomerang and had a built in network. For Joel gaining access to the right resources and networks did present a level of difficulty, especially being a new resident of West Michigan. But after a family member connected him with Hello West Michigan this task became seemingly easier, as he had the additional support and access to resources needed to successfully execute his job search. After being sent in several weekly resume packs, Joel had to persevere the unknown cycle of job hunting, “I didn’t hear anything right away,” said Joel, but in trusting the process and being prepared he soon he began to get calls from West Michigan employers.

With the invaluable help of Cindy, Joel was able to navigate the different opportunities that would soon show themselves, “Cindy was a great connection to make here in West Michigan,” said Joel. “Being able to tap into her network helped me find a company that was a good fit and a position I was passionate about.”

Joel is thankful for Hello West Michigan, and excited to be a part of the West Michigan Family.

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