Anthony A.

//Anthony A.

Michigan’s Internship Movie and Mixer in June,” said Anthony. “I met several people, passed my resume along, and got a call a week later.”

Anthony couldn’t be happier with his “first real job.” He enjoys getting new projects and having new responsibilities. A fun team helps too. “My team is warm and friendly. I’ve had a lot of catching up to do so that is great.”

Anthony has lived in West Michigan since he was three. “It is very near and dear to my heart and I wanted to stay close to family,” said Anthony. The area has some great architecture too which helps. He likes the newer buildings in West Michigan, particularly the LEED-certified buildings.

What Anthony raved about more than anything else however, was ArtPrize; and with good reason. Anthony, along with a group of fellow architecture students, had their own ArtPrize entry title “FORTY-ONE 32” at the Western Michigan University building at the corner of Ionia and Cherry streets. “It started as a school assignment to build a structure with everyday items. We used plastic grocery bags to create a structure users could walk through,” said Anthony.

“I’m positively amazed by ArtPrize. I’ve been down three or four times. I love festivals. I love seeing the city come alive. It is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have.”

Anthony’s Favorites:
Thing to do on the weekend: visit family cottage
Festival: ArtPrize! “I would love if it was more than once a year!”
Road Trip: Going to Ferris in the fall “The rolling hills and colors are fantastic!”

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