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Read more about things we love to do and places we like to visit in West Michigan. Our blog posts are written from first hand experiences of real things you can do when you live here.

If you’re currently in West Michigan loving life and would like to write a guest blog post, contact Rachel Bartels at bartelsr@hellowestmichigan.com.

Big Sky or Big Lake?

Like so many others in this day of Google maps, I have a mountain fascination. I envision taking my travel guitar, large hat, and vintage suitcase to a log cabin for a getaway with my friends. I want to snap a picture of high-altitude scene and find that perfect filter on Instagram. Maybe do some yodeling. I want to escape what sometimes seems to be oh-so-normal, impossibly Midwestern existence. And this was my chance. We landed in Salt Lake City, got a breath of the dry desert air and started driving. We traveled through the Tetons, craggy, grey, snow-covered, rising over 10,000 feet in elevation, stretching up high above the timberline. We passed through prairies, huge, treeless and dry, smelling like sagebrush, under the biggest, most cloudless sky. We stuck our bare feet in rivers descending from snowmelt, cold, clear, with [...]

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Philanthropic Fashion

I recently volunteered for the April 21st event, Runway On The Rapids, benefiting the Multiple Sclerosis Program at Mercy Health St. Mary's. It featured a high-trend fashion show, elegantly executed at the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids. The event was sponsored by many local companies, including Meijer, ADAC Automotive, and JW Marriott. There were over 80 men and women volunteers walking the runway to the sold-out crowd of over 550 people. In addition to local boutiques like Denym and Lee & Birch, this year’s show featured Siss Viss, a designer from Memphis, TN who creates clothing by using the inner tubes from bicycles. She is a two time winner of Memphis Fashion week, and came to West Michigan to close out the show with her stunning designs. The event creator, Kim VanOeffelen, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 6 years [...]

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Rowing Into Summer

On April 8th, I had the privilege of representing Hello West Michigan and the region to over 500 collegiate athletes at the GVSU Lubbers Cup Regatta. When I started my internship, I didn’t know what a regatta was, but I quickly discovered the sport of rowing, and was fascinated by the speedy boats, called “racing shells” by the aficionados, cruising up and down Spring Lake. The Lubbers Cup dates back to 1997 and Hello West Michigan has partnered with the Grand Haven Spring Lake Ferrysburg Chamber of Commerce for the last 5 years to host a table at the event. With so many students from top tier universities, it is a target environment for us to talk about the region, its opportunities with soon-to-be grads. The athletes represented various schools around the Midwest, including Grand Valley State, Illinois, Drake, Purdue, [...]

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Musical Talent in West Michigan

I had the privelege of attending a performance of Ragtime The Musical at Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, one of the oldest and largest community theatres in the nation. The cast of this production did an outstanding job executing such a powerful storyline, centered around various groups of individuals intersecting as they try to succeed in America. Set at the birth of the 20th century, this is a story of how our country, and those who immigrated here, share the same hopes and dreams while struggling with class and racial divides. The cast and orchestra consisted of 55 individuals, all who volunteer their time to increase the cultural vitality of our community. Having been to a multitude of theatrical shows, I can honestly say that the cast of this musical were some of the most talented individuals I have ever had the privilege of seeing. Following the [...]

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Life In West Michigan

Michigan is known for its breathtaking summers, bright fall colors, and stark, white winters. Truly encapsulating every season to its fullest potential, West Michigan is a hot spot for those who love the outdoors, strong community relations, and beautiful areas to raise a family. Having spent my entire life in West Michigan, I know firsthand what makes this area one of a kind. From hosting the world’s largest art competition each year, to bringing in thousands of tourists to its beautiful lakeshore cities each summer, West Michigan is immensely sought out as a vacation destination, but is also a wonderful place to live and work. We have started this blog to invite readers into events and activities through my eyes. Centered on my firsthand experiences, I will share my explorations as I attend various events and partake in everyday life [...]

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Essential Service Award

The Essential Service award seeks to recognize the important role of service workers in our community and the role they play in our economy. Without these people who faithfully fulfill necessary roles, our economy would suffer greatly. Award recipients will be recognized at a special Economic Club meeting in January and is sponsored by Michigan Works. Nominations will be submitted by employers and the community at large. Winners will be chosen by a committee established by the Workforce Development Board. Once the winners are chosen, their employer will be notified, and they in turn will notify the employee. In order to be eligible for the Essential Service Awards entrants must have 2+ years of employment with same employers and work in West Michigan. Essential Service Award winners display pride in their job, a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and [...]

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