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Prospecto, or, How a Three-Day Festival Could Change Grand Rapids' Music Scene

September 09, 2010
Some months back, local music impresario Jon Pataky (Wonder Caverns, The Mighty Narwhale) had a Facebook status stating, "Call me crazy, but I'm starting to see something that resembles a Grand Rapids music scene."  

While it is hard to ignore the fact that there has always been a local music "scene" in Grand Rapids, it is easy to see that better, and maybe even amazing, times are on the horizon. New bands are forming on what seems like almost a daily basis. Venues that will cater to a wider variety of music tastes are in the process of opening. It already seems as though there are multiple shows to attend every night of the week all over the city, and local music fans are flocking to them. Top all of this off with a large three-day music festival that at least has the potential to turn Grand Rapids into a music and cultural mecca of the Midwest, and people have good reason to be excited.

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