Jennifer R.

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Jennifer is a Chicago native who has been in the marketing communications field for more than 20 years. Previous roles included time with the Chicago Board of Trade and Office Max, however she was laid off at her previous job due to the recession. Following the downsizing, she was left with a question of where [...]

Mel Trotter Ministries

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As all of my friends went back home this summer, I found myself alone in a city I didn’t know and looking for something to do. I’ve always enjoyed volunteer work, and I thought it would be a great way to meet people and get involved in the community I would now be calling home. [...]

Not in Kansas Anymore?

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Growing up in West Michigan is quite the experience; you could get a completely different perspective from 10 people that grew up 30 minutes apart. For me, the first thing that comes to mind when I think about growing up here is my small hometown, Stevensville, and the outdoors. Whether it be long walks, days [...]

Dancing Away Stress at Tuesday Night Swing

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The first time I found myself at Tuesday Swing Dancing in Rosa Parks Circle was during the afterglow at West Michigan Intern Connect, a networking requirement of my summer internship; and the first experience hooked me. It was certainly nerve wracking to stand at the edge of Rosa Parks Circle, in the middle of downtown, surrounded by people, many of [...]

My New Breakfast Spot

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Wolfgang’s. For many Grand Rapidians, a necessary pilgrimage. Among students, the restaurant enjoys mythical status as the place you can get a $4 early bird special, that is, if you can peel yourself out of bed in time. It’s common for little herds of Calvin students make the pilgrimage together, emerging from dormitories into the [...]

Essential Service Award

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The Essential Service award seeks to recognize the important role of service workers in our community and the role they play in our economy. Without these people who faithfully fulfill necessary roles, our economy would suffer greatly. Award recipients will be recognized at a special Economic Club meeting in January and is sponsored by Michigan [...]

Summer Intern Housing Community

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Congratulations! You’ve accepted your internship offer from a West Michigan company and you’re ready to dip your toes into the water of professional life. But wait, before you can put on your new suit and head into the office, you need to answer the big question: “Where am I going to live?” Several area colleges [...]

Employer Internship Training Sessions

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Are you interested in starting an internship program? Looking to enhance your current program? Join Hello West Michigan's Cindy Brown to learn more about benefits of hiring an intern things to consider before beginning 5 essential steps to structuring the program how to address cultural and generational differences how to connect with education, workforce development, [...]

ACG Cup 2016

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Where's the one place you can engage top undergraduate finance, accounting, marketing, international business, and management majors as well as MBA students in 1 on 1 conversations and view them in action during a real-world case study? ACG Cup Retaining and Recruiting talent in West Michigan is the objective of the ACG Cup competition and [...]